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Eliminate Mistakes in Microsoft Dynamics GP




Keep Your Valuable Resources Where They Belong...
On Your Bottom Line

Perhaps you’ve already discovered that getting your hands on information inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP may not be so easy! EthoTech SmartSort speeds up your inquiries — and your data entry — by eliminating as many as 3 mouse clicks per lookup. Now you can automatically sort lookup information YOUR way! Quickly find the information you need by customizing your own view based on built-in advanced sorting options or SmartList favorites. AND… you can use SmartSort with over 40 Microsoft Dynamics GP lookup windows.

We’ll Give You Our SmartSort Software For FREE!

Formerly a $1,000 value, EthoTech SmartSort is now yours for FREE! There’s no obligation of any kind, not even a requirement that you run any of our other products! WHY? Since we've been so successful with our products designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP, we've decided it was time to give back to the community that has supported us so enthusiastically

Take a look at a few of the ways that EthoTech SmartSort saves you time and money. There are actually 17 ways that EthoTech SmartSort will put your profits back where they belong… on your bottom line.

Ask your Microsoft Dynamics GP representative for EthoTech SmartSort OR download and register it today at NO COST.