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Commission Plan Family Of Products

Do you pay commissions, royalties, or other compensation to your sales force, distribution network, business partners or even to resellers, brokers or agents? If so, then either Commission Plan Keystone or Commission Plan Apex will allow you to completely eliminate those manually controlled, error-prone and outdated systems that require hours of fighting with clumsy Excel spreadsheets. Instead, you’ll have a packaged software solution that will automate your entire commission process right inside of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Which Commission Plan Is Right For Your Company?

We’ve implemented Commission Plan in hundreds of companies worldwide for more than a decade now. We understand that each company is unique in their approach to compensation and how they measure sales success.  EthoTech Commission Plan allows you to choose between two distinct solutions while each one will help you reach your sales goals. Now you can implement precisely the features and functionality you need by personalizing the Commission Plan solution of your choice. The results?  You’ll instantly streamline your administrative processes, improve your sales performance and drive productivity for your company.

Commission Plan KEYSTONE is designed to automate your commission calculations, payouts, and distribution of personalized commission reports. The ability to easily create and modify commission plans, and swiftly manage changes to your sales force, provide the flexibility necessary to keep you in control of your compensation program.

$4,000  Software
$2,500  Implementation
$   800  Maintenance
$1,000  Upgrade from User License





Commission Plan APEX
provides automation for companies with complex commission structures that require sophisticated calculation and management tools. If your company uses an outside source to collect sales data, such as Microsoft CRM or or needs more intricate commission calculations like quotas and tier-based sliding scales, then Commission Plan Apex will deliver the integration and scalability required to meet your high demands. 

APEX Pricing
$9,000  Software
$4,500  Implementation
$1,800  Maintenance
$2,500  Upgrade from User License



Review our simple comparison chart

to see which Commission Plan product - KEYSTONE or APEX - will meet your company's needs.