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Customer Service Collection

No more entering duplicate customer orders, shipping products to customers who’ve exceeded their credit limit, or promising immediate shipment when an item is out of stock. Now you can automatically check for duplicate purchase orders, assign credit limit process holds, even move multiple sales documents from one batch to another based on 14 pre-defined restrictions that can be easily saved for repeated use, just to name a few features in this module. Overnight, EthoTech Customer Service Collection will increase your efficiency and help you provide Superior Customer Service.

Product Features

  • Displays Additional Inventory Fields for each Sales Transaction Entry line item
  • Shows Apply Information for SOP Invoices and Returns in SOP Inquiry
  • Copies Voucher Number to the Document Number automatically on Payables Transaction Entry
  • Automatically Checks for Duplicate Purchase Orders in Sales Order Processing and Payables
  • Auto-assigns Credit Limit Process Holds
  • Displays the most recent purchase history for the Customer / Item combination on Sales Transaction Entry
  • Moves multiple sales documents from one batch to another
  • Prints Shipping Labels from Sales Transaction Entry and Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Initiates Restocking Charge percentage for SOP Returns
  • Tracks the Expected Receipt Date of items that are yet to be received in inventory
  • Tracks the quantity of Unallocated Inventory

Customer Service Collection Pricing
$2,500 Software
$   500 Maintenance
$   750 Upgrade from User License