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Next Numeric Collection

Every single day, you create and enter new Customer IDs using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Sounds easy enough, right?
The problem is that maintaining and policing a business policy for creating meaningful master record IDs is both time consuming and error-prone. Your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP system does nothing automatically to streamline this process.
EthoTech Next Numeric Collection eliminates the need for you to implement and monitor new policies in order to ensure that the correct records are being created. Now your system will automatically generate the next number needed for all of your master record types, as well as eliminate gaps in your alpha-numeric sequence that require time-wasting data research and entry.
Product Features
  • You’ll no longer have to manually maintain and police a process for creating accurate master record IDs
  • Applies to IDs for Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, Fixed Assets, Employees, Salespeople, Prospects, Project Accounting Contract IDs and Project IDs, and WennSoft Job Numbers
  • Automatically assigns Batch IDs when creating transaction batches in the Receivables, Sales or Purchasing modules
  • Works seamlessly with the alternate Customer and Vendor Maintenance windows in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting Series and WennSoft Job Cost
  • Use EthoTech Next Numeric Collection in conjunction with EthoTech SmartSort to access your information quickly
Next Numeric Collection Pricing
$2,000 Software
$   400 Maintenance
$   500 Upgrade from User License