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Announcing the EthoTech release of EthoSeries 12.00.6

September 16, 2013

Build 12.00.6 added the following functionality to the EthoSeries: 

Feature Changes
  • Commission Plan – added new document date options to the Process Commissions window, used when creating Dynamics GP transactions.
  • Commission Plan – added a Do not create Dynamics GP transactions option to the Process Commissions window.
  • Commission Plan – modified the range selection navigation in the Process Commissions window, which reduced the window size.
  • Commission Plan – added support for Blue Moon’s SOP Auto Invoice sales document transfer process.
  • Quick Track – added drill-back functionality to the Freight field when using the EthoSeries alternate Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom window.  
Problem Reports 
  • General – resolved display issues for the following EthoSeries alternate windows: Customer Maintenance, Item Quantities Maintenance, and Sales Transaction Entry.
  • Commission Plan – when a salesperson was manually entered in the Commission Plan Entry window, the SOP Type column was blank for the commission record in the Commission Plan SmartList.
  • Commission Plan – commissions were not reduced for terms discounts taken on unposted invoices.
  • Commission Plan – window Commission Plan Quota Periods Setup is now included in security task ETI_CP_SETUP_001.
  • Quick Track – when using the EthoSeries alternate Sales Transaction Entry window, the Freight drill-back button was visible, preventing the Freight prompt from being displayed.