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A Letter To Our Partners RE: A Friend in the Dynamics Community Needs Our Help


August 28, 2018


Dear Friends,

The 4th of July is supposed to be a day of freedom. And fun. However, for one friend in the Dynamics Community, it was anything but.

Shawn Dorward is a name many of you know as a Microsoft MVP, GPUG All Star, and blogger. He's given a great deal to this community through the years, both in time and knowledge. If you haven't already heard, his 18-year-old son drowned on the 4th of July and has been hospitalized ever since. You can follow Taylor's journey of recovery here.

In support of Shawn, Taylor, and the rest of their family, we're going to give them 10% of all our new product sales in September to help with medical expenses, housing, and their recovery needs.

It will not take away the fear they're experiencing, but we think it will provide some comfort at a critical time in their lives.

So, will you help us raise funds for the Dorward family?

Can you dig deep in your prospect and client lists for some opportunities this month? Specifically, Next Numeric Collection and Customer Service Collection are a couple of quick and easy products every Dynamics GP client can use. You can also circle back to any old Commission Plan opportunities and revisit those.

Our friends at Winthrop Development Consultants and Encore Business Solutions are doing a similar campaign, so help them out as well!

We can't imagine the ways the Dorward's lives have changed these past 7 weeks, and we'd love to help them as much as we can. With your help, that impact can be meaningful.

Thanks for your partnership, and more importantly, your friendship. Relationships are what this is all about.

In friendship,

The EthoTech Team

For More Information, contact sales @ or 678 384 7500 Ext. 1