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Announcing the EthoTech release of EthoSeries 10.00.11


June 23, 2008

Build 10.00.11 add the following functionality to the EthoSeries:

Added support for Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 2.

Commission Plan

  • Added a new Sales Territory Commission Plan Info window, which may be used to attach salespeople to sales territories, then commission the salespeople based on the sales document header or line item sales territory. This functionality may be overridden for a customer by marking the Ignore Sales Territory - Salesperson Assignments checkbox in the Customer Commission Plan Info window.
  • Added support for sales and margin quotas.
  • Added a Commission Recognition Date From option to the Commission Plan Setup window, and added a Commission Plan Recognition Date to the ASI_SOP_HDR_Comm table.
  • Added a tier type by Commission Recognition Date.
  • The commissionable cost amount may now be derived from the sales document line item extended price or the list price.
  • Commission report and SmartList object now display the following commission status: Unposted, Not Ready, Ready, Processed.
  • Added function ETI_CP_CreateUpdateCommissionsForDoc and script ETI_CP_CreateUpdateCommissionsForDocBackground so that commissions for a sales document may be created or updated from another Dexterity project using a pass-through Dexterity call.
  • When payments are applied to sales documents, commissions are now updated in the background in order to improve processing speed for sales documents with many line items.

Customer Service Collection

  • The track unallocated quantities and track expected receipt date features no longer require the use of tracking table utilities.