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Announcing the EthoTech release of EthoSeries 10.00.31


February 15, 2010

Build 10.00.31 adds the following functionality to the EthoSeries:


  • When EthoSeries tables are updated to a new build, the database and EthoSeries build number are written to a database log table. When a user logs into Dynamics GP, the workstation and EthoSeries build number are written to a workstation log table. If the user attempts to log into Dynamics GP on a workstation running an EthoSeries build number that is older than the build number stored in the database log table, the EthoSeries will be disabled and the user will receive a warning message. This functionality will prevent users from attempting to initialize tables using older EthoSeries builds. Users logging in with the EthoSeries 10.00.30 and earlier will not be subject to the above restrictions.
  • Navigation to the EthoTech SQL Object Initialization Log, EthoTech Database Build Log, and EthoTech Workstation Build Log was added to the Dynamics GP Inquiry > System menu. Each log window includes options to print and/or email the logs.
  • The Additional menu hotkeys for all EthoSeries products can now be changed via the EthoSeries Hotkey Setup window, which is located in the Dynamics GP Setup > System menu.

Commission Plan

  • Added an option for a salesperson to receive multiple commissions for different Salesperson From values for the same sales document. For example, a salesperson could receive one commission because he is attached to the customer and another because he is attached to the sales territory.
  • Added an option to commission the salesperson assigned to a sales document, the salesperson assigned a sales document line item, both the salesperson assigned to a sales document and the salesperson assigned to a line item, or neither.
  • Added an option to determine additional salespeople receiving commission based on the sales document information or sales document line item information.
  • When the Date Document Paid is overridden for a commission, that override is now preserved when commissions are updated.

PLEASE NOTE: This Build is for Commission Plan with QUOTAS functionality and is not currently available for download via our online Download Center. Please contact the EthoTech Sales Team at or 678-384-7500 option 1.

Customer Service Collection

  • Added options to check for duplicate purchase orders and to copy the voucher number to the document number when creating Payables transactions.