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Announcing the EthoTech release of EthoSeries 10.00.33


March 22, 2010

Build 10.00.33 adds the following functionality to the EthoSeries:

Commission Plan

  • When processing commissions for salespeople receiving commissions on paid sales documents, the document date of a commission adjustment not linked to a sales document is now tested against the Date Document Paid range entered by the user. Previously, a Document Date range was required to filter these adjustments.
  • Added field Date Doc Paid to windows Commission Plan Adjustment Entry and Commission Plan Adjustment Inquiry Zoom.

PLEASE NOTE: This Build is for Commission Plan with QUOTAS functionality and is not currently available for download via our online Download Center. Please contact the EthoTech Sales Team at or 678-384-7500 option 1.

Customer Service Collection

  • Move Sales Documents – added the ability to move documents from multiple batches into a single batch. Added a preview window that allows the user to deselect individual sales documents once the primary filtering criteria has been entered in the Move Sales Documents window.