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Announcing the EthoTech release of EthoSeries 10.00.44 & 11.00.8


March 30, 2011

Builds 10.00.44 & 11.00.8 add the following functionality to the EthoSeries:

Commission Plan

  • Added a GL Posting Date range option to the Process Commissions, Commission Plan Report, and Commission Plan Utilities windows. Added GL Posting Date range to the following reports: ASI Commission Report, ASI Commission Report Summary, ETI_CP_SingleSalepersonDetailReport.
  • Added a Date Document Paid range option to the Commission Plan Utilities window.
  • Added GL Posting Date and Date Document Paid fields to the ASI Commission Comparison report.
  • Added GL Posting Date to the Commission Plan SmartList object. To access this new field, you must use the Add SmartList Objects window to recreate the SmartList – this will remove any existing Commission Plan SmartList favorites.

Commission Plan – added the following SQL views to the company database:

  • ETI_CP_CurrentCustSPAssign – displays all current salesperson > customer assignments from the Customer Commission Plan Info window
  • ETI_CP_CurrentItemSPAssign – displays all current salesperson > item assignments from the Item Commission Plan Info window
  • ETI_CP_CurrentTerritorySPAssign – displays all current salesperson > sales territory assignments from the Sales Territory Commission Plan Info window
  • ETI_CP_CurrentUdef1SPAssign – displays all current salesperson > CP user defined 1 value assignments from the User-Defined 1 Commission Plan Info window
  • ETI_CP_CurrentMatrixSetup – displays the current plan combination matrix setup
  • ETI_CP_CurrentDefaultTiersSetup – displays the current default tiers setup
  • ETI_CP_CurrentItemTiersSetup – displays the current item-specific tiers setups
  • ETI_CP_CurrentPlanTiersSetup – displays the current plan combination-specific tiers setups
  • ETI_CP_SOPHDRComm – displays information from the ASI_SOP_HDR_Comm (ASI28301) table, for use in reports and SmartList Builder objects
  • ETI_CP_SOPLINEComm – displays information from the ASI_SOP_LINE_Comm (ASI28311) table, for use in reports and SmartList Builder objects