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EthoTech GP 2018 R2 builds
(The EthoSeries 18.00.201 or Later and SmartSort 18.00.003 or Later)
are compatible with the October 2019 release or 18.2 of Dynamics GP, as well as the Dynamics GP Year End Updates for 2019.

New registration keys are NOT required.

Download these builds from the EthoTech Download Center.


EthoSeries 18.00.201 for GP 2018 R2
EthoSeries 18.00.101 for GP 2018 RTM 18.00.0496 or later
EthoSeries 18.00.6 for GP 2018 RTM
EthoSeries 16.00.109 for GP 2016 R2
EthoSeries 16.00.14 for GP 2016 RTM 
EthoSeries 14.00.118 for GP 2015 R2
EthoSeries 14.00.25 for GP 2015 RTM
EthoSeries 12.00.63 for GP 2013 R2
EthoSeries 12.00.31 for GP 2013 SP2
EthoSeries 12.00.16 for GP 2013 SP1/RTM

See the EthoSeries Installation Guide for Upgrade Instructions.

Download product code & documentation from the EthoTech Download Center


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