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Keystone/Apex Comparison Chart



Commission Plan Features

Keystone Apex
  Use a flexible, multi-step calculation model based on salesperson, customer, and item
  Assign multiple salespeople to individual customers, sales territories, and inventory items
  Assign multiple salespeople to combinations of customer, ship to address, and inventory item
  Automatically split commissions between two or more salespeople
  Pay commissions only on sales documents that are fully relieved (i.e. paid)
  Create commission transactions in the Dynamics GP G/L, Payables, and U.S. Payroll modules
  Create commission accrual transactions to record the commission liability
  Adjust commissions for scenarios such as bonuses, commission draws, chargebacks, or correcting commissions paid incorrectly in a previous period
  Reduce commissions using Markdowns, Trade/Terms Discounts, Write-offs, Payment Terms, and Credit Card types
  Place commissions On Hold for individual sales documents or for all sales documents for a salesperson
  E-MAIL individual commission statements to your sales team
  Mass Update Utilities  
  Flexible Reporting Tools including Customizable Reports, SmartList Objects, SQL Views, Inquiry windows with drill-back capabilities  
  Standard Matrix Option: Performs commission calculations at the sales document line item level, based on % of Sales, % of Margin, Flat Amount, Per Selling Unit, or Per Base Unit  
  Tiers Matrix Option: Determine the Commission Rate based on a Sliding Scale which captures information from the sales document line item (i.e. Tier Types: Margin %, Unit Price, Price Level, etc.)  
  Quotas Matrix Option: Calculate commissions based on a sliding scale of sale or margin amounts over a period of time (also known as accelerators, milestones, thresholds, and tiers over time)  
  Pay a single salesperson multiple times for a single sales document (i.e. once as the sales rep and again as the sales manager)  
  Assign multiple salespeople to groups of customers based on user defined values  
  Reduce commissions for overdue invoices  
  Integration Engine: Override normally calculated commissions by supplying summary or line item commission data  
  Import Commission Adjustments from sources outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP