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It’s important in this economic climate to have an ISV that is confident in their product, willing to talk to customers about their needs, and display the capabilities to translate those needs into their product.  EthoTech has done that for our company.  EthoTech Commission Plan has given our company the flexibility to tailor our commissions to very specialized needs.  There has been no other commission vendor whose product allowed for the type of flexibility “built-in” that we have seen with Commission Plan.   Thanks EthoTech!
  -T. Kent, Auto-Chlor Services, Inc. , USA
We implemented EthoTech’s Commission Plan mid year 2007 and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. It was taking approximately 3 days to process commissions due to the complicated plans that were set up, and that we had to do all this by spreadsheet!! It now takes about an hour at the very most to review and process the commissions, and that’s with interruptions. We still have new ideas coming up on how to complicate the process further and Etho Tech’s software is fully adaptable to our changing needs. Thanks for making life in the Finance Dept a whole lot better.
-S. Mann, General Information Services, Inc. (GiS), USA   

We literally spent less time DOING the implementation and QA'ing the outcome than we would have spent doing commissions last month, so I am all about the application.  Lynn Z was equally as awesome.

- B. Watson, ProCare Rx, USA
EthoTech Commission Plan makes our commission process efficient and accurate, and reduces our time to close the books at month end.  In addition to implementing Commission Plan, we also worked closely with EthoTech’s software developers to implement customizations which help streamline our daily invoicing process.  Our company continues to benefit from the experience and attentiveness of EthoTech’s group of commission experts.
- J. Kuta, Avatech Solutions, Inc., USA

EthoTech stands out because it is specific to our needs…We've gone from about a weeks worth of work by a staff accountant to about an hour of his time to review and send commissions out

- C. Schaffer , Henry’s Hickory House, makers of the
BUBBA Burger®, USA

…since most of the commissions processing used to be done at night or weekends, the main benefit of implementing Commission Plan is an improvement in MY quality of life. 

 - B. Watson, ProCare Rx, USA
I really appreciate how attentive you have been, especially for a free product. Also, I commented to my CFO at how perfect the instructions and install went.
If this free program is any example of how your company does things, I‘m more than happy to work with you on any other product….
  - S. Heisler, Diba, USA