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I develop applications for my clients and one asked me to create a commissions module. While researching some aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP commissions I found your company Googling answers...I downloaded Commission Plan and I fell in love at first sight... I want to enjoy life and move on to the next project, not spend time developing what has already been done so nicely.
- Juan Jose Romero, Evolution Consulting, Nicaragua
When our clients are looking for sales commission calculation functionality in GP, we usually specify the Commission Plan module from EthoTech. EthoTech is a strong developer, and continues to add functionality to their product. If you want to use GP to calculate your sales commissions, you should take a close look at EthoTech Commission Plan. 
  -S. Chapman, Rose Business Solutions, Inc., USA
SmartSort has almost become a given in new implementations...the client asks if the vendor/customer lookups can default to Name sorting and we think EthoTech.  They’ve made it very easy to download and apply their product and are very responsive support-wise. 
- L. Simpson-Hensley, Aztec Systems, USA
THANKS for having Smart Sort available for version 10.0 so quickly after its release.  That is awesome and Smart Sort is enabling us to provide an excellent, zero cost solution to satisfy a request of a new client that is going live...
- J. Weber, Quadis Technologies, USA
Our goal is to support the products we believe in.
- F. Porco, Strophe, Canada