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  EthoTech, Inc.
Phone: (678) 384 7500
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Phone & Email Support

EthoTech support services are available at $129 per incident. EthoTech applies the same definition to support incidents as does Microsoft Corp.

Accordingly, a support incident is one which addresses issues specific to customer symptoms encountered during use of EthoTech products where there is a reasonable expectation that these customer’s issues are as a direct result of the use of EthoTech products. 

Support incidents are aimed at providing reactive support to customer issues focusing on specific problems and error messages, or with regard to software functionalities that are not operating as intended. 

A support incident is defined as an interaction with EthoTech with regard to a single support issue and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a support issue consists of subordinate issues, each subordinate issue shall be considered a separate support incident. 

Support incidents are not intended to be used for general advice, guidance, product training, integration assistance or report writing. Advisory services for these requests can be purchased as a separate billable service through the EthoTech Consulting Services Team. 

Customers are solely responsible for implementing the procedures necessary to safeguard the integrity and security of their own software environment and their own data as well as for the reconstruction of lost or altered files.